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Uncorking Your Creative Thinking

Uncorking Your Creative Thinking


Creative thinking is how we as human beings evolve on a cognitive level. Our ability to utilize our problem solving skills lead to innovative solutions that allow our society to make advancements previously thought impossible. Thinking outside the box is what separates us from many other life forms even if the results are not always for the better.

With the rules and regulations of the world we live in however and the mounting pressure to meet ever growing demands, thinking creatively can be challenging

Here are 5 reasons why the environment we live in often suppresses the creativity and innovation each of us possesses.

Thinking Correctly

Education being as important as it is can ironically also ‘stymie’ any ‘free’ thinking. Formal education is a great thing of that there is no doubt. However we need to recognize that our education MUST continue on well beyond the classroom. By thinking outside the box we feel we are ‘out of bounds’ in regards to what we have learned and therefore are naturally reluctant to do so. On the other hand…..

It is up to each of us to contribute to the overall pool of knowledge by thinking outside the box. Expansive thinking like this turns thought into ‘excepted’ truth which is than taught to others through a formal education process.

The Rules Say No!

Creativity and innovation can easily be perceived as an ‘attack’ on what we know to be true and right. By its very nature creative thought is a type of contrarian thought that can make you feel ill at ease. It goes against the rules and regulations we have come to know as the norm. Like records however many times rules were made to be broken.

People change, society changes, the environment and even the economy changes and along with that so must our way of thinking.

Logic Can Be a Barrier

As logical as logic may be it can also be very confining and restricting to anyone with creative or artistic thoughts. Logic is based upon what we know to be true … at that particular point in time!

Thinking illogically or on a more conceptual basis can be discomforting since it goes against the grain. Therefore our natural tendencies would be to draw back from this type of thought. What we fail to recognize however it that we ourselves ‘define’ and can rewrite logic as we know it. In fact we must if we expect to continue evolving.

Hundreds of years ago it would have been illogical to think of driving in cars and 70 years ago space travel was only the product of fiction writers.

Playing is NOT Constructive

Associating relaxation or ‘play’ time as non-constructive is an inbred perception. These times are ONLY experienced when we are not at work so therefore we are not being constructive.

Contrary to this is the fact that our minds are at their creative best when they are free of pressures or the ‘regimentation’ of the ‘work’ environment. At these times with ‘free’ and uncluttered minds our problem solving skills are usually at their best.

Adherence to Conformity

It is human nature to try and blend in with everybody else. Wanting to be accepted is perfectly natural but when you start to think ‘counter’ to public opinion you can feel like an outcast. This is an understandably uncomfortable feeling.

Creative thought is original thought and therefore will go against what appears to be popularly accepted.

Watch the crowd and go in the opposite direction. As a fisherman if you were to fish only at those streams, lakes or ponds where others do NOT it is likely you will get better results.

Creative thinking is the very basis upon which our problem solving skills are spawned. Over time by thinking outside the box, so to speak, many innovative solutions have been created that beforehand were thought to be impossible. It seems we are only limited by the range of our imaginations. Often times however the creativity and innovation that is found within us can be smothered by the environmental issues that engulf us. The 5 reason mentioned above serve as examples as to how the very magic of our own creativity can be suppressed. Knowing that the barriers we face originate in our own minds thereby make them easier to identify and eventually overcome. With this knowledge we are now in a position to allow our imagination to be limitless and not allow it to actually set limitations on us

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