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Ollie Forsyth – The Founder of Ollie’s Shop

Ollie Forsyth – The Founder of Ollie’s Shop

A breakthrough came in the form of a YouTube video about Richard Branson that Ollie Forsyth watched when he was 13. Notwithstanding the fact that he was a dyslexic child, the video instilled confidence in Ollie Forsyth, turning his weakness into his advantage. He unveiled his first business venture and called it Ollie’s Shop. This debut business venture was an online boutique that offered trendy belts, cufflinks and bracelets and other ornamental accessories to the fashion-centric clientele. While some of them are handcrafted by Ollie himself, others have their origins linked to China.

With an ambition to become a millionaire by the time he becomes 20, Ollie diversified from his ecommerce business to present a subscription-based online magazine, befittingly named The Budding Entrepreneur.

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